Hire Brand Ambassadors or Become a Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors act as the face of your company, products, or services. Their job description entails endorsing and promoting your brand to the best of their abilities. A brand ambassador will appeal to your demographic and is able to influence them to interact with your target audience.


Appeal to Your Demographic With A Promotional Brand Ambassador

When looking to hire the best promotional brand ambassadors, you need to find someone that represents with the look, style, and personality you want your brand to portray.

Promotional brand ambassadors are typically well connected, and know how to reach your brand’s target market.


Brand Ambassadors Communicate Value

Brand ambassadors communicate the unique value of your brand and increase awareness of your products.

They get customers to engage with your business by touting its quality and benefits. Picking the right brand ambassador for your business is important. You want someone who is able to positively convey your brand through his or her actions, voice and appearance. Promotional brand ambassadors tend to work more independently than trade show models or promotional models. It is absolutely key that they know the products, the services, the company, and the brand inside and out. Brand ambassadors are often used for beverage promotions and street team marketing.


Increase Positive Brand Engagement

It is easy to extend your reach in multiple markets with trained local brand ambassadors.

Local brand ambassadors know the area, they know the people, and they know what the people want. They can give you specific insights into what you need to do to better capture the attention of people in the targeted area. Local brand ambassadors perform brand engagements, forming an attachment between customers and your brand. Brand engagement is complicated, but when done correctly it positively influences perceptions attitudes and behaviors of potential customers.


Brenna (#1711) did an excellent job. She was engaging, professional & intelligent which helped keep attendees in our booth. Our senior management was in attendance and had nothing but good things to say.

Mike C.

What Is A Brand Ambassador?

Many people have heard the term, brand ambassadors, and probably many people have an idea of what the word means, but I bet if asked what responsibilities are involved with being a brand ambassador, most people do not know. Brand ambassador jobs can be demanding and take more than good looks to be successful. The basis of a brand ambassador is to be the familiar face or representative of a company’s product, but beyond that, there is much more to the job description.

Companies want recognition for their brand or product. They want advertisement that gets their name out to the world so that they become known among the consumers. One way to do that is for a company to hire someone that can represent them, their product or their brand in a way that when consumers see the brand ambassador, they immediately connect the face with their company, brand or product.

Brand ambassador job description

When a company begins a marketing campaign for a brand or product, they typically will hire someone to represent this product and market it. The brand ambassador works the streets, connecting with consumers and finding those who could be targeted for the product. Brand ambassadors are the backbone of the marketing campaign which means it is their job to know the product inside and out. They need to be able to thoroughly explain it to the consumers and answer any and all questions they have about the product. They should know so much about the product that the user would even believe the ambassador made the product them self.

Professionalism is crucial as you will be in contact with many people. You are the face of the company, and you need to be on your A-game when you are on the job acting as BA. You will be attending different events when it comes to promotions. Some jobs will require you to be dressed in a more formal attire while other jobs are more relaxed in their attire requirements. The dress code will match the event typically. No matter what type of event you are scheduled to attend or what attire you are in, professionalism is the key to your job.

The types of places you will go, and the kinds of events you will attend are as variable as the products you will represent. You’ll need to be prepared for anything as this is not an office and desk job. Nor are the hours a nine-to-five banker’s hours. You may work 10 hours a day and then be expected to help break down and put away equipment from an event that keeps you onsite for another four hours. Being a brand ambassador is not a job for someone who tires quickly or expects the same predictable work hours every day.

To become a brand ambassador, you will be required to have multiple types of skills that are centered around communication. The types of communication skills include:


Being able to communicate to the public and potential customers requires excellent verbal skills. You not only need to be able to speak the proper language but to be able to communicate clearly to everyone you talk to; explain who the company is, account for the product and how it will benefit them. Without good verbal skills, you cannot convey the proper message, and this causes a loss of interest in the product and ultimately the loss of sales.


Writing reports at the end of the day is part of the job. Having to document parts of your job means that your written skills must be top notch so that the reports are written clearly and concisely. There are also many other times you will be filling out forms and using a written form of communication, so make sure yours are well sharpened before applying for a BA position.


Being an organized person and knowing how to organize and multi-task is an important skill needed any brand ambassador jobs. Why do you need organizational skills? When starting off in this industry, you will be required to be in constant contact with the marketing agency who hired you as well as the lead or point person, company contact and communicated with the client at times. Juggling all those who you will need to make sure they hear from you requires being organized to make time for talking with everyone and on time. Other tasks that need you to be a well-organized person have to do with keeping up with a variety of papers and contracts. You will be responsible for maintaining copies of sign-in sheets, non-disclosure agreements, independent contractor forms and many other relevant documents.

Is being a brand ambassador the job for you?

Being a brand ambassador can be a great experience, and there are a lot of perks that go with the job. The job may not be for everyone, though. If you don’t think you possess the skills needed to be a brand ambassador or the demanding schedule might be too much, then this job may not be for you. On the other hand, if you think you do possess what it takes as well as an outgoing personality and love people, give it your best shot. You may find that you love the job, the people you’ll meet and the experiences you’ll gain.

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