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Booth Babes

The term “booth babe” is slang for trade shows models and promotional models. The use of the term “booth babe” has been around since the mid 1980s. It is often used in connection with promo models for tech or gaming companies. These models are not only good looking, but are real go-getters. They are attractive professionals who can do a lot for your business.


Create a Buzz With Booth Babes

Our models are able to attract and interact with customers as well as deal with higher-level aspects of working in a trade show or convention booth like collecting information and talking about products and services.

With over 15,000 models to choose from you will be able to effortlessly find someone who personifies your brand’s image. With the TSM Agency, it is easy to find a model with experience promoting a product or service similar to yours.


Make Your Event a Success

Trade show and convention models will work with your sales representatives to draw attendees to your booth.

Our trade show and convention models can explain basic aspects of the product or service to attendees. Many booth babes, trade show and convention models also pass out materials and get contact information from attendees. Booth babes catch the attention of potential clients and encourage prospects to learn more about your product or service. Many of our models are experienced in sales, customer service, and marketing. The TSM Agency has an extensive network of models from around the United States and Canada that will help make your event a success.


The girls were great and we had a really good Show, so thank you very much! I would say that these two were the best that we have ever had since we have started using spokesmodels at our Show. They were awesome! I highly recommend them and we hope to use them again in the future. Thanks for everything and I will talk with you in about 9 months or so. The next Show is in Cleveland, Ohio, next June. Take care of yourself!

– Dan D.


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