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Spokesmodels are the face of a brand, acting as a representative of the company as well as a model. Spokesmodels are used to promote the company at trade shows and conventions, and in print and advertisement campaigns as well. To be a spokesmodel, one needs to be attractive, confident, and articulate.


Represent Your Brand With Attractive Spokesmodels

This type of promotional model is used in a wide variety of settings including product testimonial videos, print ads, and events.

They are available to explain the basic aspects of the product to your potential clients. Spokesmodels are ideal for situations in which a model will be engaging with a large number of people and are often used for street team marketing promotions. Brands utilize spokesmodels at corporate golf outings and NASCAR events as well.

Many companies use celebrities and well-known figures as spokesmodels. Other companies use relatively unknown figures and make them into a recognizable face to promote their brand.


Increase Product Demand Using a Spokesmodel

Spokesmodels are male or female models that know or can learn enough about a company to be able to speak positively on its behalf.

Hiring a spokesmodel can increase your advertising reach and interest in your product. TSM Agency spokesmodels can actively engage your potential customers by attracting attention, handing out samples and literature, or answering questions.


The event went well and Crystal was excellent! She was very personable, positive and energetic. She learned the product quickly and was able to handle basic demonstrations. She also was proactive in promoting our product when it was slow at the booth she walked around handing out our brochures.

– Jody


Choosing a spokesmodel to represent your brand at a trade show is critical to focus on. You want to make sure your company has a model that not only reflects your brand’s image, but also the trade show as a whole. Articulating to a staffing agency what you are looking for in a model is very important. Here are some characteristics to consider.

1. Style is important to consider even before choosing your spokesmodels
2. All spokesmodels should have an outgoing and friendly personality
3. Height can vary for different events. Taller models are typically more appealing
4. The amount of experience models need for an event depend on the individual show
5. Spokes models should act in a professional manner at all times.


Want to become a promotional model?
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