You are quick! That is one of the two reasons we use you. The other being your models look like their pictures, unlike other agencies. Jamile was a very good model. We appreciate that all of your models look like their pictures on your website. Too bad we cannot say that for your competitors.
Ida H.

Inna & Vanessa were terrific. They did a great job giving out samples, posing for photos, and helping visitors to the booth. We loved having them as part of our team again this year. Thank you!
Amy K.

She was fantastic. She is extremely responsible and professional. She has strong communication skills and a great personality. Of course she is also beautiful and adorable. She was so easy to work with. I would highly recommend her!
Tamar D.

Thanks again for everything! Shezana and Emily were great, perhaps the best yet! TSM always does a great job and we plan on using you all again next year in Atlanta. So, please give me a call next April.
Dan D.

Lydiah did an excellent job. She was on time, very professional and engaging to the prospects. Exactly as you had expressed. If we have future need we will reach out to you.
Thank you & Regards,
Carl D.

Through the first three days of the show, we have been extremely happy with Lisa. She has a very upbeat personality, was always out in the aisle engaging potential customers and did great bringing in leads. Thanks for recommending her!
Tim B.

Sue was FANTASTIC. We loved her! We hope to use her again in the future. She did such a great job with/for us and was amazing with the customers. Thank you again for pointing her out to us!!
Thank you & Regards,
Samantha P.

We enjoyed Rachel immensely. She is a gifted model who is eager to please. I highly recommend her to my friends and colleagues. Thanks for the help.

Everything went well with Erika. Her professionalism was superb. She was an asset to our booth and show. Everyone enjoyed her energy. We would highly recommend her for any sales support event.
Jorie S.

It was great! Ladies were spectacular! Hope to use them again if they are interested!

Kaitlyn was fabulous! She remembered everything from last year and was great help.
John W.

Stacey was a great model for this event. She was early, followed up and took initiative with all her actions for the day, and was very personable with our clients.
Jennifer C.

Patra was excellent! She was wonderful, pleasant and professional. Everyone at our company enjoyed her. We will definitely be using your company when we need another trade show model.
Tabitha D.

Cynthia was fantastic! Great model, very pleasant and easy to work with. We will be looking to book Cynthia for any future conferences in TX.
Grant K.

Brook and Kaylene were excellent. Thank you very much – you guys do an incredible job and know your staff well. I will definitely recommend you and if I need your services again will call you first.
Jerry S.

I just wanted to thank you for recommending Ashley. She was a perfect fit and did an amazing job. I truly see why you recommend her, her style and collaboration with the customers was on point. Once again thank you, and please thank Ashley for her part in making our show a success.
Jeff M.

Rachel was great extremely helpful and just a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Chris R.

Juliet and Angelica were great! I appreciate their efforts and they looked fantastic!
Megan K.

Sarai has been great. Very helpful and good with customers. I would highly recommend her to anyone else.
Bob J.

We were especially pleased with the models last night. Sarah was wonderful, as she was last year, and encouraged the others to be outgoing and festive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any one of them.
Laura B.

It all went great. They started conversations with tons of people – the sales reps themselves never could have done that. And overall they were a pleasure to be around – totally professional and helpful. I expect we’ll try to have them both again next year.
Really appreciate all the help. The biggest issue we had was the models continuously dodging job offers from our competitors!
Brad B.

We completed the wine show this evening and just wanted to say thanks for your assistance. Elizabeth was an absolute pleasure to work with. She showed up early each day and spoke professionally to each of the potential clients that visited my display. Please keep that in mind when you offer up work to your different trade show models.

We couldn’t have asked for a better show 🙂 Shannon was great and a true professional. We couldn’t have asked for a better representative. She did exactly what we expected which was to greet prospective clients and once they were intrigued or needed more information my business partner or I would step in to close the deal. Thank you again!
David L.

I just wanted to let you know that Brit and Marissa were fantastic!!!! They were so upbeat, on time, professional and most of all fun! This is a very casual and informal thing we put together they shined and fit right in. I think they enjoyed the venue as well. Thank you for all your help and we will be doing this again the first week of October next year so I look forward to reaching out to you then!
Harry W

Sabrina was perfect!! She went above and beyond my expectations. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much! I will recommend her to anyone and if I need her again in LA I will definitely contact you. She was very professional and just superb!
Wasif B.

Rossi was wonderful!! Very professional and interacted with customers even though not required. She was very professional in the demos and very interested and enthusiastic about the product, which was a nice touch. It was great that she was able to speak to and engage customers if someone passed by the booth and none of us were hovering around at that particular time.
She was friendly, polite and gave us some great tips about what to do in Austin in our spare time! I would certainly recommend her to other clients.
Many thanks,
Nicola S. and Dawn P.

Katie was an absolute professional and all around great person to work with. We are very thankful for your services and would love to use you and Katie again in the future.
Thank you,
Jaime B.

Shezana was great… very sweet and down to earth, smart and business savvy… she did a really great job and we look forward to hiring her again in the future.
Thank you
Scott S.

I just wanted to say that the girls (Ali and Bri) were great! Probably the best we have had work for us thus far. Punctual, pretty, outgoing, and smart! Thanks again and I look forward to speaking with you real soon.
Dan D.

Chelsea was honestly outstanding- She arrived early both days, was extremely courteous, polite and helpful and drove a ton of traffic to our booth. We already recommended her/TSM to partners of ours that are also on-site, as she’s such a good credit towards your agency. Nick S.

“The models were terrific!! Vanessa and Inna worked well together, did a great job, and the launch was a great success. We had just enough samples for the 2 days and PEZ and PEZ Hedz made it into a lot of hands. They created the awareness and excitement we were hoping for. We made the Wednesday daily news and 10 most awesome moments of the show from Candy Industry (link below), we are#1! http://www.candyindustry.com/articles/86237-awesome-moments-from-this-years-sweets-and-snacks-expo All of the PEZ team, including our CEO from Austria, thought they did a great job as well. I am going to recommend we do this again next year! Please keep in touch.
Amy K.

“Both Peter and I were very impressed with Melissa´s work at the show. She is “as advertised”… professional, well-spoken and she quickly learned more than enough information on our company and products to keep attendees busy while waiting to talk with us. Of course, her appearance and business demeanor was outstanding. We are hoping to have her work with us again.”
Ed K.

“Brenna did an excellent job. She was engaging, professional and intelligent which helped keep attendees in our booth. Our senior management was in attendance and had nothing but good things to say.”
Mike C.

“Paola was fantastic!!! We wanted to bring her back to LA with us. Great with fans, very outgoing and good personality. So glad we had the chance to work with her.”

“Really positive experience, Emily proved to be professional, smart and extremely helpful throughout the conference. She was happy to learn about the product and I was able to leave her to run the stand solo while visiting other tradeshow stands. A valuable part of the team and highly recommended! Very simple process to hire (1 form) and everything was sorted”
M West

” Throughout my time working in the event industry, I have realized how important yet surprisingly rare it is to have full trust and continuous satisfaction with a client. Since first reaching out to The TSM Agency almost one year ago, I realized how fortunate I was to find such an amiable, efficient, and dependable company. They are uncommonly punctual answering their emails and getting back to you right away with a vast selection of phenomenal and reliable models no matter what the market. Believe me when I say what a relief and pleasure it is to work with such a methodical and productive staff. I never worry or question the caliber of model that we hire as a company through The TSM Agency and it’s such a comfort to know that one factor in the planning of the event will always be stress free. Our clients constantly praise the models at our events, and I directly owe this to The TSM Agency. From their impressive and easy to manage data base filled with first-rate models that have never failed but to exceed my expectations, to the sincere and dedicated staff that makes booking effortless, I couldn’t be more thankful to have had the wonderful opportunity of working with The TSM Agency and am very excited for all the future events to come! ”
Brogan A.

” Johanna did a fantastic job! She was a real trooper as the first day was a rain storm and she was still on time, ready to go and pleasant attitude. She was also greatly, friendly to festival goers and generally helpful. I’d book her again in a minute. Thanks!! ”

” The girls were absolutely wonderful as usual! They all arrived right on time and were energetic and so helpful throughout the event. I can’t thank you enough for your help, it’s always a pleasure working with you! Until the next event…Thanks 🙂 ”
Brogan A.

” Tiana was fantastic, couldn’t have been better really. She’s really smart and she picked everything up so well (and so quickly). Couldn’t have asked for more. ‘5 stars’…”
Dwayne M.

” All went well. Jessica was very prompt, polite and appropriate. She was a trooper at times when there was a bit of chaos.”
Dawn P.

” Shezana looked gorgeous. She was dressed “according to specifications” She followed the briefing 100%, took contact upfront, was punctual…perfect, really! On top of that she was just fun to be with, good mooded, bright & witty, conversational and respectful. Thanks so much for organizing this!”
Thomas G.

” Thank you for the follow up. Everything went very well with Anastasia. She was very professional, punctual, intelligent, and represented our company very well. I highly recommend Anastasia and hope she is available again next year.”
Frank H.

” Trinity and Paola were amazing. As a company, we have been extremely satisfied with each model you have given us for our Grand Opening weekends, however Trinity and Paola were the best yet. They easily adjusted to our brand identity and were excited to be there. Thank you for recommending them!”
Courtney W.

” Marc and Vincent were wonderful. Marc was especially terrific – very engaging and positive. He was the best model we have ever hired for this project. Thank you.”
Laura W.

” The models were awesome! Very hard workers and very personable. We had a fairly busy day and of course it was hot, but they hung in there with me. Thank you so much!!”

” We were so incredibly happy with Morgan and Alicia. They easily adjusted to our brand and I saw a great amount traffic as a result of their outreach. Thank you, they were perfect! Many thanks!”
Courtney W.

” Carolina was great…very professional, nice personality and easy to work with. We will definitely hire her and use your services again in the future…thanks for all your help.”
Scott S.

” So the show is over and I got some feedback from the guys who were at the show last week and they all had only positive things to say about both Maiya and Emmanuel! They were on-time, professional, lots of fun, helpful, did a great job overall. Everyone was particularly impressed with Emmanuel or “Manny” as they were calling him! So I would highly recommend sending these guys out again, they’re bound to make their next clients happy! Thanx so much again!”
Xara G.

” The girls were great and we had a really good Show, so thank you very much! I would say that these two were the best that we have ever had since we have started using spokes models at our Show. They were awesome! Highly recommend them and we hope to use them again in the future. Thanks for everything and I will talk with you in about 9 months or so. The next Show is in Cleveland, Ohio, next June. Take care of yourself!”
Dan D.

“Janis was truly a valuable addition to our efforts at the show. We were told we had one of the highest visitors totals at the show. Janis was definitely instrumental in that. She is attractive, outgoing and very professional.”
James S.

“Everything was perfect! All 6 models were really nice, professional, and really hard workers. The party was a success and everybody was really happy. Thanks a lot for your work!”
Maria S.

“Mariah was fantastic. She showed up promptly each morning, worked very hard all day, and had a great energetic attitude that was contagious. I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs extra help at a trade show. If we have another show there, I would hire her again without hesitation.”
Leo P.

“[The models] did very well and were very professional. We were very pleased with their performance and endurance. Thanks very much for your help and getting them arranged.”
Cyclone C.

“I must say that TSM has done a great job in recommending Krista-Nicole to us. She was great. Her attitude was priceless. I really enjoyed working with her and will use her and TSM when we return next year.”
James G.

“Everything went very well. Catherine was a true professional, who helped us out immensely. Her dress, personality and class were perfect, and she looked exactly like her photo. Thank you for making our show successful.”
Paul P.

“Cassandra was great. Intelligent, fast learner, super friendly, helped make our trade show a bigger success than it otherwise would have been.”
Tony P.

“Shezana fit right in with the team. She did an excellent job bringing traffic into the booth. She familiarized herself with all of the sales people’s names and was able to assist in directing their customers for meetings. The booth floor was installed without padding which made it really difficult to stand on. Shezana stayed poised through the whole show. I’m not sure how she did it because my feet were killing me, but she really did a fantastic job. Thank you Shana for recommending her. We will definitely keep her in mind for further events.”
Veronica V.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Brittany at the AHR Expo. She was very professional and the feedback from our customers who visited was extremely positive. Great job Brittany and thanks! ”

“The event went well and Crystal was excellent! She was very personable, positive and energetic. She learned the product quickly and was able to handle basic demonstrations. She also was proactive in promoting our product when it was slow at the booth she walked around handing out our brochures.”

“Carolina was well prepared, extremely engaged and speaks several languages. We would absolutely request her again and I would recommend her if asked. Lovely personality! We appreciate you having her available. ”

“Katy was professional, articulate, smart, engaging and of course, beautiful. She became an integral part of our team and we couldn’t have been happier. I know you have a long roster of models you work with but Katy was truly as good as it gets. She represented our brand and our team at the show extremely well.”
Cory B. Las Vegas, NV

“The girls were very professional, very nice and made our booth look beautiful. They attracted a lot of customers and were very knowledgeable about our products and services. They really helped us a lot. Thank you!”
Alex A. Chicago, IL

“We had a great experience with the TSM agency and had no surprises. The original model had a conflict and our TSM representative (Shana Leo) was proactive in making sure we got a replacement that we liked. Katharina was extremely helpful and professional. She made a great impression on the guests who showed up to our event.”
Ryan M.

“Both Heather and Megan were great. Heather, in particular, has the true ability to engage in meeting attendees and get them interested in the exhibit content. I would not hesitate to use either the next time we have an event in Las Vegas.”
Tim D. Stamford, CT

“[Erica] was GREAT! [She] was very helpful, punctual and professional. The show didn’t have as much traffic as we hoped, but she jumped in and helped with pulling people in and helping give out our giveaway to attendees.”
Lori C. Atlanta, GA

“Because of current affairs in the world of food nutrition, we knew we needed to make as big an impact as possible with this show, and Megan did an excellent job of making that happen. Our normal exhibition shows are rarely as flashy as the National Restaurant Association show, so hiring models is rarely something we need to stand out. If we do determine the need arising again like it did for this show, we will definitely give TSM a call. Shana was an excellent account executive and extremely prompt and helpful with our needs. Thanks again for making a great show happen!”
Chuck E. Gainesville, FL

“I can’t begin to tell you how delighted we were with Vanessa (#0822). She was a huge compliment to the booth. Not only was she an amazingly beautiful girl with the cutest accent we’ve ever heard (which proved to be an attraction all in itself. We had marines, soldiers, customers etc. guessing where she was from and then sharing fond memories of Europe with her) but her personality was wonderfully bubbly, cheerful and contagious. We introduced her to our most important clients and she proceeded to impress them as much as she impressed us with her professionalism and respect. She was so comfortable in conversation with them that most of them thought she worked for us full time. It is very hard to put into words how important professionalism is to these people but she just… got it. Anyway, she turned what is usually a long tedious day into a very pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone. She didn’t need to be told twice what to do, she just got stuck right in, helping wherever she could and attracting potential clients to the booth. Please let her know that not only was it a pleasure having her work for us, but that it was a pleasure meeting her. We are SO grateful for all she added to the event.”
Richard Dwyer Imperial Sales Company

“I wanted to say I have worked with a lot of promo companies. Yours is a real class act. Your client was great to work with, you were thorough and complete and you did everything just as you said you would. Also the turn around of your payment was awesome. I really enjoyed working with you and your company and as a model wanted to say how much I appreciated working with you. I am not just saying that, you really were amazing.
Thanks for choosing me to work with you”
Aerin M. Miami Beach, FL

“I just wanted to let you know Ashton (#664) did AMAZING. Endless energy, engaging, clever. It was exactly what we needed and she made us the hit of the show. We are so happy with her work and thanks for all your help. We’ll be in contact with you for next years show for sure.”
Molly Houston The Comphy Co

I want to thank you for your excellent recommendation. Courtney (#766) was a very good match for our trade show efforts. She was energetic and self-motivated even during the slow times. I greatly appreciated that about her. I think her previous sale experience added extra value allowing for the perception that she could be a TAKK staffer and not a show model which in this case was our intent and the edge we were looking for.
She has one of those personalities that make her enjoyable to work with, in part because she made us feel that she had interest in our success at the show. You did good by us!”
Joe Overman Takk Industries

“Rebecca (#893) was wonderful! She really was really beneficial to our event. She engaged people walking by and our Star Blitz photo booth was a tremendous success because of her. She worked really hard and was professional and friendly. I was very pleased with her as well as our executives from Singapore – they really liked her a lot! I’m so glad that things worked out the way they did. We will use The TSM Agency in the future! Thanks for recommending Rebecca!”
Sheri Jameson LAI Games

“First let me apologize for not sending this email sooner. The food show always generates a huge list of follow ups and to-do items and I’m just getting through them now. I just wanted to say how pleased we were with the job Logan [model #447] did for us at the food show. Please let her know we have had several customers comment on how professional and pleasant she was to deal with. A couple of them actually thought she was an employee. She brought many a smile to many a soldiers’ face. She really was a great addition to the booth and as a result we will be using models at all future food shows.”
Richard Dwyer Imperial Sales Company

“We looked to The TSM Agency to help highlight and support our booth. Also, we are continuing to move our business in new directions and had never tried the services of The TSM Agency. It worked well for us to try something new, like a Trade Show model, and as it worked out it was very successful for us.
First the staff at The TSM Agency was extremely helpful and attentive to our 1st time use of The TSM Agency. Customer service is something we pride ourselves on, so having such a seamless experience was refreshing.
Our experience with the specific Trade Model exceeded our expectations. She was efficient, timely, professional, motivating, and in general a delight to have on our team at the Trade Show. We are looking forward to using her as well as your agency again and again as we continue to grow our business.”
Richard Smith Axcess Technologies

“Your representative was prompt, professional, had a great attitude, and represented us well!!”
David Sterns Visual Workplace

“I just wanted to pass on my feedback that I thought the ladies did a fabulous job this evening. Not only did they do the job they were paid to do, but also they offered some significant encouragement to someone who was playing a role well outside his comfort zone (that would be me!)”
Ian Ferguson Director, Enterprise and Embedded Solutions


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